As We Speak Meaning & Example Sentences

as we speak idiom meaning, explained below

The idiom “as we speak” is used to emphasize that something is happening at the exact moment of speaking. It conveys a sense of immediacy. It can demonstrate that something is ongoing.

We often use this idiom when updating someone about a situation that is actively unfolding or changing.

For instance, if someone is fixing a technical issue and updating a colleague, they might say, “The system is being rebooted as we speak.”

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As We Speak Idiom Origins

Th idiom ‘as we speak’ is one of the older and more longstanding idioms in the English language. We have records dating well back into the 1800s of people using this term.

Google’s Ngram viewer demonstrates its currency through the generations:

as we speak usage over time

Interestingly, this idiom has become more common in the English language since about the 1980s, demonstrating its relevance as a turn-of-phrase in the modern day.

Examples in a Sentence

  1. “The team is working on the project proposal as we speak.”
  2. “My sister is boarding her flight to Paris as we speak.”
  3. “They’re announcing the winners of the competition as we speak.”
  4. “The chef is preparing our meal as we speak.”
  5. “The software update is being installed on your computer as we speak.”
  6. “The rain is pouring outside as we speak.”
  7. “The new book is hitting the shelves of stores as we speak.”
  8. “The concert tickets are selling out as we speak.”
  9. “The rescue team is searching for the missing hikers as we speak.”
  10. “The movie is premiering in theaters as we speak.”
  11. “The scientists are analyzing the data from the experiment as we speak.”
  12. “The bakery is whipping up a fresh batch of croissants as we speak.”
  13. “The mechanic is fixing the car’s engine as we speak.”
  14. “The decorators are setting up the venue for the party as we speak.”
  15. “The athletes are warming up for the big game as we speak.”

Similar Idioms

1. Right this minute

Definition: At this exact moment; immediately.

In a Sentence: “The team is addressing the issue right this minute.”

2. At this very moment

Definition: Right now; at the current time.

In a Sentence: “The band is taking the stage at this very moment.”

3. In real time

Definition: As events actually happen; simultaneously.

In a Sentence: “The software allows us to track user activities in real time.”

4. On the spot

Definition: Immediately; right where one is.

In a Sentence: “The reporter was there to capture the event on the spot.”

5. In the here and now

Definition: At this exact point in time; currently.

In a Sentence: “We need to address these concerns in the here and now.”

6. At the present time

Definition: Now; currently.

In a Sentence: “At the present time, we are not accepting any more applications.”

7. As of this moment

Definition: Starting now or from the current time.

In a Sentence: “As of this moment, the policy has been changed.”

8. Without delay

Definition: Immediately; without waiting.

In a Sentence: “The medical team began the surgery without delay.”

9. Right off the bat

Definition: Immediately; without delay.

In a Sentence: “Right off the bat, she could tell something was wrong.”

10. In a jiffy

Definition: Very quickly; soon.

In a Sentence: “I’ll be there to help you in a jiffy.”

11. In the blink of an eye

Definition: Almost instantly; very quickly.

In a Sentence: “The car was gone in the blink of an eye.”

12. Before you know it

Definition: Very soon or immediately.

In a Sentence: “The summer will be over before you know it.”

13. At the drop of a hat

Definition: Without any hesitation; instantly.

In a Sentence: “He’s always ready to help at the drop of a hat.”

14. On a dime

Definition: Immediately; without any delay.

In a Sentence: “The car stopped on a dime when the deer jumped out.”

15. In no time

Definition: Very quickly; soon.

In a Sentence: “If we all work together, we’ll finish the project in no time.”

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